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For mature audiences only, game content includes sexual content and guns.

Unapologetically x-rated, Wild Life will take mature audiences to a world of arousing adventures.

Kerpal is a tempting land, with deep mesmerizing jungles, waterfalls, steep canyons, and sandy beaches. But don't let the beautiful landscapes trick you, Kerpal is a dangerous place. Eons ago a colonist ship crashed onto its surface. The passengers, living in isolation, developed into a neolithic culture and adapted well to the dangers of their new home.

Unexpectedly parts of the population transformed, turning into new beings that appeared part human, part animal. This drove some of them into feral rage while others kept their humane traits and were able to coexist with the human tribes.

Centuries later a group of adventurers and scientists are coming to Kerpal in search for discovery. But not all of these explorers came along merely out of curiosity. Some have darker motives.

Worlds will collide, intensifying the danger and conflict. It's up to you to explore this exciting adventure.

Discover a world with all kinds of threats and attractions.
Survive the wilderness, create relationships, accomplish missions, and discover the Wild Life.

Treat yourself to sensual encounters, conquer adversity, and show your skills during combat.

Play as Maya

A special Kerpali warrior with a unique ability.

Play as Max

A rookie raider looking for adventure and his place in life.

Voyage to a mysterious planet and try to survive hazard and conflict.

Wild Life is a unique take on fantasy and sci-fi merged into an adult RPG with an engaging story and gameplay.

Simple gameplay with a rich and immersive experience
Sexual interactions and relationships in detail never seen before
Large open world with mystical secrets to uncover
Combat RPG and survival elements critical to game progression
Visual quality that is unmatched by any game in this genre

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Uncover the mystery of Kerpal and find out why Maya is so different. Expose the dark intentions of the intruders and defeat the ones behind them.

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Survival and Combat

Scorching deserts, alien fauna, hostile beasts, and deep jungles. Hunt, fight, scavenge and fuck to survive.

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Sexual encounters

Experience the sexual desires of Maya and Max through the various intimate encounters with the versatile cast of characters and their varied kinks and options.

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